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The 4 Biggest Sporting Events in the Nation | Philip BernaboEach year brings an opportunity to celebrate a dozen holidays and an onslaught of events on our social calendars. Some of the great games, beyond the usual suspects, are annually enjoyed significant sporting events that keep us hype and on our feet.

We, the spectators, get and witness or favorite athletes and teams demonstrate athleticism, stamina, speed, and charisma, as we gather in groups to watch the miracle of high-performance and competition.

Read on to learn a bit more about some of the most excellent sporting events we all tune in for each and every year:

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are unparalleled in its demonstration of ability and skill. Since the late 1800s, excellence, and sportsmanship have been on display for public consumption. Rightly, the leaders of that competition are rewarded with gold, silver, and bronze medals. Summer Games and the Winter Games involve the participation of some cool sports, such bobsledding, basketball, and some other sports, pulling athletes from dozens of different nations to compete.

World Cup Soccer

The World Cup finals have been identified as a tournament among tournaments. Soccer teams from around the world are assembled and tested. Rivals in the opening bracket are square off, and they top two teams in the bracket move onto single-game elimination rounds. The semifinals follow the quarterfinals, and then the final championship match.

The Super Bowl

Since January 1967, The Super Bowl has been one of the most exceptional sporting events occurring in American entertainment. The Super Bowl competes at the conclusion of a 16-game regular season, which pits different teams from NFL against one another. The blowout event has a brilliant and lively halftime show and a plethora of unique and extraordinary commercials.

The World Series

Baseball often has us rooting for the home team, and that’s no surprise. The World Series is one of the events that helped to shape the American landscape. A best-of-five series precede two best-of-seven series, which is a fixture that’s marked by home runs, zingers, batters, and heroics acts on the mound.

Are there any other sporting events are you anticipating?