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Summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner. This means the beginning of football and basketball season. Weekly game days are going to become a beloved gathering of friends and family with good drinks and delicious foods. If you’re looking to plan your game day dishes ahead of time, here are some easy and delicious recipe ideas that your guests will love for game day.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

You can get restaurant-quality game day food straight from your kitchen with this fan favorite recipe. You will need a slow cooker, but the lingering smell wafting through your home and the convenient hands-free cooking will allow you to enjoy the game until halftime when this savory spinach and artichoke dip will be ready to serve with sliced bread or crackers.

Bacon Tater Tot Bombs

This recipe combines two favorite flavors of game day – potatoes and bacon. This recipe will require two cups of frozen tater tots, a block of sharp cheddar cheese, slices of uncooked bacon (cut into quarters), brown sugar, and parsley. Wrap a tater tot and a 1/4-inch square of cheese in a quarter slice of bacon. Dredge each bacon-wrapped tater tot in brown sugar a place them on a cookie sheet to bake for 20-25 minutes at 400°F. Turn halfway through cooking. Serve fresh with a sprinkle of parsley for garnish.

Baked Cream Cheese Wontons

Cream cheese wontons are a beloved finger food of any gathering. This recipe for baked cream cheese wontons will make them taste like they just came out of the frier. This recipe combines the usual ingredients of cream cheese, shrimp, garlic, onion, and ginger with the spicy kick of sriracha. This is a simple recipe that can easily feed a large crowd.

Skinny Queso Dip

No game day is complete without a helping of chips and dip. Some people like to go a little exotic and bring out a spread of tortilla chips with queso dip. Queso dip can be a little heavy in the calories and cholesterol, however. If your guests have any special dietary restrictions or you’re just looking to watch your waistline during the game day festivities, try this lighter version of queso dip. With a few substitutions, such as soy milk and Greek yogurt in place of heavy cream, you can cut back on calories and cholesterol while enjoying a creamy and healthy queso dip.