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5 Low-Cost DIY Tips for Pimping Your Ride | Philip BernaboThe “Pimp My Ride” phrase may have gone out with Xzibit over a decade ago, but the concept is one that we still embrace.

We all want cleaner, more stylish cars, and further optimized cars, and we can improve our car’s condition by restoring it, customizing it, and using some fun DIY tips to update it at little to no cost.

Whether your car predates 2010, or whether your car needs a few new changes, the following tips will help to modernize and efficiently pimp your ride:

  1. Mount Your Device
    Ready to mount your phone without sticking it on the glass or attaching it to the vent of the car.The NGroove Snap by Mountek is a cell phone mount that is placed in the CD player in your car. Good to use this gadget to mount your phone, mp3 player, or GPS in the slot.
  2. DIY Leather Steering Wheel Cover
    Needles & Thread Steering Wheel Protective Case can be purchased. You can sew the leather around the wheel. The leather cover will help combat the cold and keep your hands of that cold metal.
  3. Charge All Your Devices, ALL of Them
    Ampeak 100W Car Power Converter with USB Car Charger is a sturdy device that can rapidly and safely charge a phone, tablet or device.
  4. Eat and Drive (Not Literally)
    AutoExec Wheel Mate Steering Wheel Desk – When you can’t avoid eating in your car or working on your laptop, you can pull out a tray on the side of the road for a portable workstation. The tray easily attaches to the wheel and serves all the same purposes as a tiny table.
  5. Throw it in the Bag
    Instead, throw it in the canister. Purchase a cereal canister and use it as a trash can in your car. Just line it with a trash bag, and you will be all set to dispose of any and all small waste.

Like these tips? Some items can be picked up at your local Walmart or purchased from You can find these things for less than $30 each.

You should feel ready to hit the road with the comfort that your car is going to be clean, all of your devices will be posted & mounted, you’ll have a dining table and a warm place to rest your hands.

What are some other tips you might enjoy or recommend to friends to help them experience a more enjoyable and relaxing time in their cars?